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Adventure Flight provides outstanding, safe, and super-fun private, instrument, and commercial flight training.

We specialize in warbird and tailwheel endoresment instruction and flights.

Tailwheel training in our 1947 Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser means you are getting your flight training in a very capable, high performance aircraft with a roomier cockpit. When completed, you’ll be qualified to fly greater variety of tailwheel airplanes with confidence.

We take a hands-off and fun approach to our flight training. You’ll learn by doing, not watching the instructor.

Tailwheel Endorsements Specialists

Flexible Schedules

No Long-Term Commitments

Completion In 6 - 10 Flight Hours*

For Experienced Pilots. Completion Possible Over a Weekend. 

*Average completion time. Not a guarantee.

Learn Traffic Patterns

Take-Offs & Landings

Learn Aircraft Checkouts

Upset & Recovery Training

Spin Training Optional

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Take the flight of a lifetime! It will put an unforgettable smile on your face.

With Adventure Flight’s Aerobatics Training you’ll learn a wide range of skills including aerodynamic stalls, how to manage the weight of the aircraft, and exciting maneuvers like Cuban Eights and barrel rolls. 

When you learn aerobatics flying with us, you’ll be flying authentic World War II aircraft. There’s nothing like experiencing barrel rolls and loops behind a 600 HP super-charged engine from WWII. You’ll feel the force as well as the nostalgia of a bygone era.

Aerobatics are available in the SNJ-4 and N3N on flights :30 and longer. No discounts apply for aerobatics. 

Barrel Rolls, Loops, Cuban Eights

Positive G Maneuvers 

Learn at Your Own Pace

Introductory Flights Available

Learn Aerodynamic Stalls

Learn How to Manage the Airplane's Weight

Minimum 30-Minute Sessions

Parachutes Included

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Looking for an amazing adventure? Just want to kick it and let someone else fly? The choice is yours. Choose from any of aircraft for your flight experience. 

There’s nothing like the open air cockpit of our biplane. Our 1940 N3N-3 is like flying a Harley with wings.

Our light and nimble the SNJ-4 is about as close to flying in a World War II fighter as you can get. 

Or choose our “Bamboo Bomber” for a unique, relaxing experience for groups up to four. Our 1942 Cessna T-50 is the last of its kind in commercial operation on planet Earth.

All our planes are dual control, so the pilot will do the take off and landing, but otherwise you can fly as much as you want. 

25-Mile Radius Around Lincoln

For Pleasure Flights Where We Pilot

Training Flights Allow Greater Flexibility

15-Minute Increments

Adding Some Aerobatic Maneuvers Requires Minimum 30-Minute Flight

Up to Four Passengers

Learn More About Our Aircraft

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